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June 12, 2013
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{CLOSED} ADPT O5 | Original Species by UnderworldPuppet {CLOSED} ADPT O5 | Original Species by UnderworldPuppet
UPDATE2: last spam i promise...D: sketches are added in, theyll come with the characters when adopted. also they now can be bought together at a less price~
UPDATE1: so sorry for the spam... spent sometime added on the horns for this species, well as did some touching up and made them look more soft to the bg and easy on the eyes. also added the numbers to make it more clear. therell probably be at least 1 more update for adding in the sketches.

These two took so long OTL They are an original species with goat tail, chipped ears, and horns,
i need to make further design for this species, so once i do ill make a submission or journal with the info.

Offer to adopt!
Buyout prices--- 2Ousd, paypal only. Both for 35usd.
*** If bought, will also receive these sketches shown here: .

* When commenting to buy, refer them in numbers, ex: "I will take #8/#9".
* If i dont get enough offers, or too low, i will still keep them.
* Pls dont be offended if your offer is not chosen!
* Money > points > pixel/artworks.
* Buyer must have money on hand, if the payment is not in within the 24hr of time frame, adoptable will be offered to the 2nd highest offer.
* Please treat them as your own OC. Small change on design are acceptable, give them a name and gender.
* Buyer may not resell the design. May not claim the original design as your own. Must credit me when use the artwork.
* Buyer will receive a larger version work with plain color or white or transparent bg, with no watermark spams.

Art & Character [c] me.
O8,O9 owner--- ~AutumnCrazed
Commission | Tumblr
My other adoptables:::
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